Text by Francesca Fontanesi

Chains are reinvented in unprecedented thicknesses, weights, and combinations in the new jewelry of the Prada Fine Jewelry Eternal Gold collection: entirely sustainable, integrating responsible materials and practices with traditional manufacturing techniques.

The collection examines, outlines, and reiterates the archetypes by proposing a series of neoclassical and timeless articles with eternal forms but with constant resonance. Snake-shaped bracelets, heart motifs, chain necklaces, and ribbon chokers are the forms that define the jewelry, but they also represent the signs and signifiers of affection and love. In its true form and color, gold, eternal material, ancient, timeless and always appreciated, is at the center of attention and used without ambiguity, reflecting the transparency of Prada’s production and distribution process.

The triangle, the very archetype of Prada, peeks out on every piece, creating an affinity with the facets of diamonds: it is often reinterpreted in the form of clasps, earrings, and pendants, while the corners create the links of chains, hearts, or the head of a snake bracelet. The proportions of the jewelry are reconsidered through the use of exaggerated pendants and oversized links that express strength, presence, and passion. Alongside neoclassical and timeless pieces with eternal yet perfectly contemporary forms, there are now fine jewelry models that expand stylistic research, offering new occasions for use and multiple interpretations. The protagonist of the latest collection is the chain element, which revisits Made to Order items already present in the collection in thinner and lighter variants, and is declined not only in necklaces but also in bracelets, earrings, and rings. In Prada’s chains, the soft inner lines of each link are juxtaposed with the sharp edges of the outer ones, creating a distinctive design that expresses the concept of duality and represents the dynamic coexistence of opposites at the heart of the brand’s aesthetic. The emblematic triangle returns as a clasp, to be worn in front, on the side, or at the back to create different effects, while lengths can be played with, with a casual attitude, by linking multiple pieces, necklaces, and bracelets, into a single sautoir. The new proposals are crafted with absolute precision and assembled entirely by hand, finding the perfect balance between a pleasant lightness, making them wearable all day long, and the solidity that attests to their preciousness.

“Conscious and responsible, the Eternal Gold high jewelry collection reflects Prada’s ongoing commitment to sustainability in every aspect of its activities and the constant challenge to the conventions of modern luxury”.

– Lorenzo Bertelli

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