Les formes de la couleur


The new Hermès high jewellery collection designed by Pierre Hardy evokes the power of light. Bold shapes and full colours come together in a daring spirit.

Transported by winds of curiosity and freedom, the chapters of the new Hermès Haute Bijouterie collection mark the stages of what could be described as an eclectic and radiant journey. It is through sight that colors come to life, thanks to the stimulation of receptors located on the retina: here Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès jewelry, celebrates the effects of this phenomenon, capturing the immaterial, the color, and seizing the form. This new collection is a reflection, an experiment on the perception of light: a journey through color. An exploration of volumes and materials, through a multifaceted collection.

“This collection is all about colour. I wanted to find a way to express this fundamental phenomenon – colour, in Hermès – and build a strong, autonomous and independent identity”.

– Pierre Hardy

The notion of resonance between colors and geometric shapes has inspired the creation of the rings in the chapter Portraits of Colour, illustrating these striking associations in sophisticated architecture: the red of a ruby forms a square, the yellow of a beryl forms a triangle, the blue of a sapphire forms a circle. With its monochromatic strokes, Fresh Paint conveys the same sensations as a painting; the precious and semi-precious stones appear as deep and shaded color arabesques. Meticulous stone craftsmanship creates this effect of movement, giving volume and texture to the jewelry. The soft, undulating shapes of the Arc en couleurs category follow the body’s curves, and their delicate colors invite daydreaming. Bracelets and necklaces are the result of ingenious technical skill: for the necklace gradation, nearly 1,400 stones were carefully selected. The ring, bracelet, and necklace Hermès Diaprés feature central stones: white diamonds or emerald-cut sapphires that emit soft, colored light, their brilliance radiating from the architectural motif in iridescent mother-of-pearl, highlighted by colored stones and baguette-cut diamonds.

White gold necklace with emerald-cut amethyst, baguette-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, tanzanites, brown diamonds, tsavorite and spessartite garnets, amethyst and aquamarine.

“This is the first time in the history of Hermès that such a wide variety of stones have been used for high jewellery: emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds, namely green, red, blue and white”.

– Pierre Hardy

To transpose the original design of the Hermès Diaprés necklace, the mother-of-pearl plates of this unique piece were custom-cut. Hypnotic, architectural, and precious, the pieces from the Supracolor chapter showcase the diffraction of light waves: transitioning from black to white and the emergence of color rays through the prism of a rutilated quartz set with a dazzling triangular-cut diamond. Les Formes de la couleur celebrates bold encounters, ignites contradictions, and creates surprises: the rounded and asymmetrical shapes of the Color Vibes section are paired with precious stones of a classic cut, such as an emerald cut in emerald style or a tanzanite cut in baguette style. The highly geometric pieces of the Color Flash chapter, studded with stones of vibrant colors, resemble pixelated digital images. The innovative and unique construction of the necklace allows it to be worn at various lengths. Hermès cultivates a distinctive approach to haute jewelry, inherited from its original craft of harness making and saddlery: infused with this bold spirit, the new jewelry collection, combining bold shapes and rich colors, exudes powerful energy.

Rose gold necklace with blue, yellow and pink sapphires, tsavorite and spessartite garnets, tanzanites, amethysts and brilliant-cut and baguette diamonds.
Images from the collection Les formes de la couleur.

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