The power of individuality and personal style celebrated through Zoë Kravitz, Jimin and Gal Gadot expressing themselves through Tiffany jewelry.

Tiffany continues on its path oriented towards supporting the uniqueness of each individual, by selecting the famous actress and model Zoë Kravitz, Jimin, the star of the iconic pop group BTS, and Israeli actress Gal Gadot, as the stars of the latest campaign. Tiffany T and Tiffany HardWear collections represent the essence of the brand, true, expressive and real, emphasizing the importance of always being yourself. The Maison has long been committed to celebrating individuality, choosing, even for past campaigns, faces that could express their unique character and their strong aesthetics through photographs. The campaign entitled This is Tiffany releases the essence of the jewelry wearer with joy and optimism, elevating the importance and beauty of the person themselves: in fact, it is ambassadors who give meaning to the collections by interpreting them to the fullest. 

zoe Kravitz, tiffany.

“Our This is Tiffany campaign is an authentic tribute to individual style. We create the jewelry, but it is the house ambassadors who give meaning to the collections.”

– Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President, Product & Communication, Tiffany & Co.

The Tiffany T collection is a pure graphic construction that expresses power through its simplicity, representing the pure manifestation of personal style. Each piece of jewelry celebrates the brand’s name, paying homage to its energetic modernity and assertive style. The HardWear collection, which first debuted in 2017, is one of the Maison’s most distinctive lines: it is inspired by the architecture of New York City and features mesh that play on proportion and balance, taking inspiration from Tiffany’s surroundings. New this year is a watch with a cushion-cut case featuring a faceted sapphire crystal that resembles the shape of a diamond, harking back faithfully to the brand’s tradition. Iconic pieces from the two collections illuminate the wearer, enhancing their features and revealing their truest and most sincere essence. The New York-based Fashion Maison stands out for its irresistable sophistication and high innovation, combined with timeless elegance and intense care. Zoë Kravitz, Jimin and Gal Gadot give a new soul to the jewelry, becoming a true expression of their personal style.



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gal gadot, tiffany.
gal gadot, tiffany.
jimin, Tiffany.




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