The Trip


Anthony Vaccarello creates a selection of products, called The Trip, available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores, in collaboration with some of the most renowned manufacturing companies. 

Saint Laurent Rive Droite is a creative and cultural space developed as the brand’s line dedicated to artistic expression and cultural exchange. The project presents exhibitions, events and performances related to art and limited edition products, books and photography. The space expands the vision of the French brand by opening its doors to the all-around art world. The Trip is the latest selection of products created by designer Anthony Vaccarello in collaboration with some of the most well-known manufacturing companies, ranging from the field of sports to the music one. The surfboards with the brand’s logo are made by Uwl, a famous French atelier specialized in the creation of bespoke products; the collaboration with Zai, a company which produces objects for the mountains, presents skis and snowboards with eccentric graphics while maintaining the quality and innovation that characterize the company; Hervet-Manufacturier is a Normandy-based company known for its mastery in working with wood, transforming it into an absolutely modern design. For the Saint Laurent Rive Droite line, he created a series of longboards using a zebra inlay embellished with the brand’s logo. To complete the sports selection, the designer also includes some partnerships with companies that deal with riding products. The saddle is made by Butet with an extremely elegant and minimal style, Charles Owen is dedicated to the black velvet cap, a timeless classic, while the boots are handmade by Deniro Boots Company.

The trip, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

For the selection of household products, Anthony Vaccarello choses to collaborate on the steel lighter with Dupont, a company specialized in the field that creates products from the world’s rarest and most precious materials; the cutlery set is presented by Christofle while the knife by Opinel. The French Maison also thinks about the leisure time of adults and children, by presenting for the collection The Trip a solitaire game made of wood by Hervet-manufacturier, while for the little ones Wild & Soft thinks of a set of stuffed animals and a bicycle with matching helmet made by Baghera. The selection concludes with music, which features a limited edition vinyl by Slrd of the “Incarnadine” album by the post-punk band Curses. The campaign is shot by Marco Walker, a photographer known for his innovative approach to photography and for creating modern installations and collages. Anthony Vaccarello mixes once again the craftsmanship and tradition world with the art one, realizing high quality products with a modern and sophisticated design.



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The Trip, Saint Laurent Rive Droite by Anthony Vaccarello.

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