Text by Francesca Fontanesi

For three days, Paris vibrates to the rhythm of the Saut Hermès. Inside the Grand Palais Éphémère, course designers, craftsmen, grooms, and riders dedicate themselves to the horses, a source of inspiration and creativity for the maison.

From the stables to the track, the Saut Hermès pulsates to the rhythm of horses. Wherever it takes place, it reflects the same reality and creates the same magic: a horse walking on a surface of earth, straw, and manure is now a grounded and pragmatic individual. It obeys the rider’s instructions, as many hours of training have taught it. Its actions have been practiced over and over again. There have indeed been adjustments, but also changes and small improvements. What is all this for? For a jump, then for another jump, and perhaps for a swift clear round. It takes patience and hard work to come close to perfection. Besides the love for horses – which has always bound the Maison to this event – practice, training, experience, attention to detail, and the inherent risk in every creation are all values ​​that echo those of Hermès. Every member of the Maison strives every day to pursue this dream of mastery to the best of their ability, often with a heartwarming sense of joy, which is why from March 15th to 17th, the most important showjumpers from around the world returned to tread the arena under the wooden roof of the Grand Palais Éphémère, in the heart of Paris. But this 2024 edition will also be the last to be held here: next year, the Saut Hermès will return to where it was born in 2010: the Grand Palais, completely restored to its original splendor after four years of work. Ten classes, seventy-five international riders, and even more horses: Hermès has invited parisiens to experience an exciting international CSI 5 competition in the heart of the French city, an unmissable event in equestrian sport thanks to the gathering of the best showjumpers in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower to demonstrate their talent: stepping into the arena of the Saut Hermès in 2024 reflects, without a doubt, a special sparkle for all equestrian elite.

A pair enters the stage and the scene is set. Under the lights of the arena, muscles tense, and the horse’s coat shimmers, velvety. The rider signals distinctive: the pair moves as one, the pace quickens. The horse gains speed. Gallop. As they approach the obstacle, spectators’ gazes widen towards a broader scene. Their hearts skip a beat when the pair executes the first jump: silence. Heads turn. The audience holds its breath. Thunder. Applause electrifies the atmosphere. The athletes’ bodies relax. Stroke. From the stables to the stands, the scent of horses evokes the authentic and powerful smells of nature. In the paddock, spectators discover the incredible work, the brilliant harmony, and the closeness that exist between man and horse. Every year, for three days, Hermès invites the public to celebrate the love for animals that have always inspired the creativity and imagery of the Maison: The Grand Prix 5 is a triumph of sporting excellence at its highest level, and the same joy accompanies every successful jump. With L’allure d’une aventure, the company I Could Never Be A Dancer exalts the harmony between man and horse and invites the audience on a journey that combines animals, dancers, and acrobats. Pony rides for beginners offer children the chance to discover the natural friendship that binds them to these animals, often leading to a lasting, strong, sincere, therapeutic bond. Demonstrations by saddlers introduce the public to the precision of their gestures and the care given to every detail, from cutting to stitching. Meanwhile, in the equestrian bookstore, words and knowledge ignite the imagination.


Suspense. Emotions. Victories.


The house, the stands, and the entire city move to the rhythm of this competition.

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On Saturday, April 20th, Dior’s Naumachia Ball took place in Venice, marking a third chapter following the great success of the Tiepolo Ball at Palazzo Labia in 2019 and the Opera Ball at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in 2022.




The Espace Louis Vuitton Venice has announced the opening of a new exhibition Je Est Un Autre by the French artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest, a collateral event of the sixtieth International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.




The exhibition Nice to See You, set up within the spaces of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, is one of the greatest tributes to the life and career of Gaetano Pesce. On display are objects with dual meaning, that of utility and that of provoking thought.




Monte di Pietà, the new exhibition by Fondazione Prada in Venice, explores the concept of debt as the root of human society and the primary vehicle through which political and cultural power is exercised.




Poliform enters the stage with a comprehensive proposal of the concept of space, increasingly elegant and refined. Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, and for the first time, Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, sign the main product innovations.