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Text by Chiara Belardi

The new Rolex boutique in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an elegant fusion of past and present, between the gallery’s rich history and the eternal elegance of Rolex. A place where Italian craftsmanship, local design tradition and Swiss innovation meet, creating an unparalleled experience for lovers of luxury and beauty.

The new Rolex store, located in Milan’s central Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, is a perfect blend of the Swiss brand’s sophistication and the gallery’s rich history. The interior design, curated by ACPV ARCHITECTS Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, offers an immersive and unique experience in keeping with the atmosphere of the historic center. The heart of the project lies in the preservation of the history of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Since its inauguration in 1867, it has in fact been Milan’s Salotto, a meeting place. The new Rolex store fits into this context, with an extensive restoration operation that preserves the façade, structural integrity and original volumes. The store is on three levels, each carefully designed to guide customers through a shopping experience suited to every need. The ground floor welcomes visitors with an extension of the Galleria, repurposing Venetian terrazzo motifs, geometries and flooring. Here, the double-height briar bookcase visually connects the ground floor with the mezzanine, where the sales area is located. The upper floor, retains the identity of the place with a restored ceiling and original flooring; everything is brought to its original splendor through meticulous restoration work.The in-depth study of the history of the place is reflected in the colors and selection of materials, creating a synthesis between the historical value of the space and the identity of the Rolex brand. The travertine walls, illuminated by a blown-glass chandelier with diamond patterns, pay homage to the Milanese design tradition, while the walnut boiserie and terrazzo flooring emphasize Italian craftsmanship.



Exterior view of Rocca Boutique Rolex Milan, Prestige Boutique (DSOS 4400100075)

Perpetual. This term featured on every Oyster watch is more than a word on a dial, it is a philosophy that embodies the vision and values of the Brand, the perpetual pursuit of excellence that the founder, Hans Wilsdorf, passed on to the Company.

Interior view of Rocca Boutique Rolex Milan, Prestige Boutique.
Interior view of Rocca Boutique Rolex Milan, Prestige Boutique.
Interior view of Rocca Boutique Rolex Milan, Prestige Boutique.

The Rolex store in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an integral part of the Rocca chain, a name synonymous with excellence in luxury jewelry and watches in Italy and around the world. The partnership between Rocca and Rolex is well-established over time, with Rolex present in no fewer than thirteen Rocca stores, including single-brand stores. The shared commitment to excellence, dedication to service and unique shopping experience solidifies the identity of both brands. Rolex, a celebrated Swiss watch manufacturer based in Geneva, represents excellence in the industry. The brand philosophy, embodied in the term Perpetual, reflects the perpetual pursuit of excellence. The brand is behind major innovations such as the Oyster, the first waterproof wristwatch, and the Perpetual rotor automatic winding. With more than 600 patents filed since its founding, Rolex designs and manufactures most of its watch components at its four Swiss sites. In addition to pursuing technical excellence, it is a brand that actively engages in artistic, sporting and exploration projects, supporting the preservation of the planet.

Interior view of Rocca Boutique Rolex Milan, Prestige Boutique.

“On this occasion, we celebrate not only a prestigious new opening, but more importantly, the strong bond between two realities united by a vocation for excellence.”

– Giorgio Grassi Damiani, vice president of the Damiani Group


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