Let's Talk
About Clothes


The Fall Winter 2023 Prada menswear collection by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons represents an exploration of the fundamentals of fashion: the items, a meeting of comfort, coziness and essentiality, are loaded with meaning and directly become its message.

Prada’s Men’s Fall Winter 2023 collection leads to the discovery of a new masculine rigor and the importance of the role of clothing nowadays. Indeed, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons want to create garments with meaning and deep sense, representing their idea of today’s reality. In Let’s Talk About Clothes, the name of the collection, the dress is the message itself. Prada presents a series of essential looks where minimalism is the key and the essence of the show. The paradigms of fashion come together with those of the brand giving birth to new clothes that combine comfort and exaggeration with essentiality and simplicity, while also keeping tradition alive. Tailoring becomes a requisite, with knit elements worn directly on bare skin. The clothes in the collection have been described by the two designers as “archetypal clothes”, which speak of well-known paradigms and then modify their silhouette and cut. All the elements express the brand’s DNA with unmistakable and meaningful details that refer to the brand’s heritage and history and its current growth. 

Prada Men FW23.

“We always talk about reality, and we, as designers, are very aware of what is happening, the problems, the difficulties. It is a complicated time for the world and we react.
We want to create fashion with meaning and importance: this is the value of fashion today.”

– Miuccia Prada

Prada Men FW23.

Mrs. Prada and Raf Simons reiterate the primary role that clothes play, but at the same time they want to put the focus on the creative process involved. The first look anticipates the entire collection: a suit composed of rather narrow and slender pants and a square-shaped jacket gives way to a 70s collar with very elongated tip, which immediately becomes the details star of the show. Suede jackets with showy shoulders alternate with oversized khaki green and navy blue bomber jackets with orange linings, while long, straight coats in solid colors continue the brand’s minimalist approach. Cardigans are worn open, in some looks under jackets and coats, while in others used over collars, alluding to the presence of a shirt that is not actually there, and turning into interchangeable accessories. Dark colors such as black, brown and gray give way to pastel hues including light blue, yellow and lilac, and high-waisted tight pants in bright red and green tone stand out during the défilé. The curiosity triggered by the invitation to the fashion show, a cushion with its pillowcase, is transformed on the catwalk into attentive and fascinated eyes following white padded, maxi-volume tank tops and bomber jackets. Clean and minimal forms make the collection extremely elegant and sophisticated, all complemented by accessories and footwear: dark shiny round toe shoes are worn with the new leather hand tote bag presented in neutral colors, alternated with a mini bag with a short shoulder leaned against the chest. 

Prada Men FW23.

The room of the Deposito of Fondazione Prada, conceived by AMO, is transformed for the fashion show: the low ceiling that makes the room low and gloomy at the beginning of the show is raised revealing its architectural structure and design details, redefining the proportions and changing the perspective of the view on the garments. The theme of aviation was taken up in the collection along with various different themes such as futurism, the space age of the 80s, and especially fragments of the brand’s own history. The label seems to make the clothes easy to wear, creating a kind of uniform that makes Prada’s modern, elegant and sophisticated narrative style recognizable. A full combination of characteristic elements and equally interesting news.

Prada Men FW23, Deposito of Fondazione Prada.

“These are unmistakable and significant gestures, addressing the heritage and history of the brand, and the significance of Prada today.” 

– Raf Simons

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