Text by Francesca Fontanesi

Poliform enters the stage with a comprehensive proposal of the concept of space, increasingly elegant and refined. Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, and for the first time, Stefano Belingardi Clusoni, sign the main product innovations.

Poliform once again participates in the Salone del Mobile. The design narrative the company offers surprises and captivates with its unique appeal, eclectic charm, and exclusive atmosphere, the result of a skillful balance of different languages, embraced by the brand to align perfectly with the Poliform style and its ideal of contemporary living. This new narrative is composed of both product innovations – created with the most prominent names in the international scene such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, and Stefano Belingardi Clusoni – and the exhibition framework that welcomes them, where forms and sensoriality are experimented with to generate a unique and authentic experience of Casa Poliform. Poliform’s scenography at the Salone del Mobile is an exaltation of graphics and perspectives, expertly designed to direct the gaze and the audience inward, where comfort and the most enveloping design reign. Outwardly, the soft and sinuous geometries presented by the company in previous editions give way to a more pronounced rigor, in search of minimalism, lightness, and purity: large surfaces with total black bricks, with a square and regular shape, define the frame and the path with a touch of dynamism, but also of decorative art that recalls the mosaics of Villa Oasis, the home of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech. The clear geometries then return in the platforms surrounding the stand, hosting the Outdoor Collection presented last year and serving as an ideal connection between interior and exterior.

Between furniture and systems, day and night, indoor and outdoor, each solution is perfectly integrated with the others in terms of style and compositional consistency.

Networks, angles, and guidelines thus lead into the heart of the booth, accompanied by a multisensoriality that serves as the common thread among all the numerous settings. The senses are engaged: the scent of leather and bergamot characterizing the new Poliform fragrance, the soft effect of the 70s-style carpet in liquorice color that softens the transition between rooms, the warm palette rich in color that balances the spaces, complemented by the natural tones defining the furnishings; a sweet and complementary contrast. The strong scenic presence of the external architecture continues through a rhythm with double heights and a strongly designed structural pattern in space, thanks to the numerous Architectural Systems that trace the settings and take the place of vertical walls, as well as serving as containment and separation. If the external architecture hints at a proximity to the Arab world with the exposed bricks, in the division of spaces, there is instead a more fusion inspiration – as seen in the iron tubes intertwined with rope resembling a screen. However, the convergence of different stylistic inspirations is skillfully orchestrated, flowing harmoniously into a single language, which is characteristic, elegant, and timeless, of Poliform.

Among numerous best sellers and collection expansions, the main novelties in terms of furnishings stand out. Among these, the Ernest sofa designed by Jean-Marie Massaud emerges. The French designer interprets the theme of comfort with this system in a radical way, with soft and deconstructed volumes inspired by a feather pillow. A strong and impactful aesthetic is also found in the collection’s namesake coffee tables, which expand the stylistic signature of modularity: like a puzzle, the tables can be combined together in the center of the room or used individually next to the Ernest sofa. Jean-Marie Massaud also signs Leopold, the new dining chair made comfortable like an armchair, thanks to an enveloping cushion enclosed in an essential wooden structure. And the Adrien table, a sculptural furnishing element, charismatic, destined to become a new icon of conviviality. Its classic, almost archetypal profile, is made contemporary by the asymmetric position of the legs, and enriched by precious finishes that enhance its versatility. Lastly, the Duke sideboard collection, in various heights and dimensions, whose solid and imposing volumes are lightened by curved lines that look to the world of cabinetmaking. Jean-Marie Massaud thus transfers recent taste evolutions into Poliform proposals in a more daring direction. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Gallina, another leading signature of the company, confirms his approach in favor of organic shapes and delicate curves. As in the Orbis upholstery collection, composed of two sofas and an armchair with a wrapping backrest: both raised from the ground by a thin foot inspired by jewelry workmanship, they are an invitation to conversation made by Poliform.

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