A tribute to Mexico


Flechazo is the Pia Riverola collection photographs realized as a love letter to Mexico, to its culture and its people, by traveling the reader through dreamy pastel-colored landscapes. 

Pia Riverola, a Spanish photographer, came closer to this world as a child when she used her camera to capture her surroundings as a way to preserve her memories and the beauty of her everyday world. Her venture in Mexico after her studies was crucial in her career: the variety of new landscapes, the new culture, and different lifestyles fostered her interest in reporting what she saw, finding herself documenting Mexican life in a completely spontaneous and as much real as possible way. Her photographs have the ability to take the viewer by the hand and carry him in the photographer’s world through authentic pastel-colored portraits. Flechazo is a collection of shots that shows the 10 years of Pia Riverola spent in Mexico, dedicating the entire book to the country itself, as a real love declaration, from here the choice of the title, which in English means “love at first sight”. Leafing through the pages the reader can know Pia: her pictures are like a mirror through which she discovers herself, her thoughts and her people. 

Pia Riverola, Flechazo.

“Mexico became my motherland instantly, my guide and my inspiration. Its people and nature took care of me in a defining moment in my life where it nourished me to become my own self – both personally and professionally.”

– Pia Riverola

Pia Riverola, Flechazo.

Flechazo, published by Homecoming Gallery, carries away the reader into a nostalgic journey along Mexican destinations and encounters, capturing in a detailed and romantic way the rich culture that distinguish them, their upbeat soul, the lush nature and the tropical flora that surrounds them. Whether referring to authentic portraits, natural landscapes, or everyday street scenes, Pia Riverola’s shots collectively succeed in infusing her excellent artistic ability, the empathy she experiences for her portrayed subjects, and the innate love she feels for Mexico, her greatest muse. 

“It’s the gestures, the moments in between, the sometimes hidden parts, the rituals of the past but even more so the rhythm of the everyday that reveal the heart and soul of a culture.”

– Pia Riverola

Pia Riverola, Flechazo.




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