Mariacarla Boscono


A capsule for K-Way

Mariacarla fully expresses herself, establishing an intimate relationship with nature for the new K-Way’s capsule.

Mariacarla Boscono, eclectic and with a mysterious charm, designs the capsule collection for K-Way, whose essence encompasses the infinite freedoms of Being. Relationships, moments, nature: these are the key words of the collection, which expresses dynamism and freedom, concepts close to the values of K-Way. The project sees Mariacarla involved for the first time not only as testimonial, but also as designer, art director and photographer of the capsule collection.

Expressing my inner feelings about the design of the collection, the creativity involved in the project and my participation as a model were very satisfying and liberating… As if everything suddenly made sense.

– Mariacarla Boscono

The model, magnetic and seductive, grew up in a family that passed on to her a passion for travel and adventure, themes that are central to the concept of the collection.
Indeed, the looks are inspired by wild nature and the deep and sincere relationship of a mother with her daughter, who participates in the shooting and makes the atmosphere sweet and dreamlike. The photos are taken on an unnamed island with a volcanic landscape, which for the model becomes a symbol of motherhood, a safe haven, a meeting point between nature and freedom, art and peace, but also an intimate human and artistic journey.
The icon of the collection is the zipped swimwear, a piece with an exclusive and innovative design, easy to combine with versatile leggings and to be declined for sporty needs and post-beach evening moments. “I love the idea of a garment that can be both a swimwear, but also a garment that you can combine with trousers.” From sun to rain, you can’t miss the Le Vrai 3.0 Eiffel waterproof jacket by K-Way with an unusual floral print designed by Mariacarla. In her wardrobe, the model confesses that the waterproof jacket is never missing. For her, “It’s a garment that represents the essence of the day spent outdoors and the unpredictability of life. You wake up, you go out, you’re surprised by the rain, your plans change, you stay out late anyway, you close your jacket because of the wind. I wear it with everything: in winter under another jacket, let’s say I wear it with all the adventures of my life.”
The items are designed to experience the relationship with nature and its adventures. The entire capsule is dedicated to those that associate the beach with relax, and to all those who want to savour the experience of the sea while having fun and enjoying every single moment.




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