A visionary creative expression characterized by breaking roles and codes, the invention and construction of characters that create a unique visual narrative, but above all reveal a truth that only Luigi & Iango know how to capture.

Luigi & Iango. Unveiled

Palazzo Reale, Milan

From September 21st until November 26th, 2023


Unveiled is the first exhibition of the photographic duo Luigi & Iango. Presented at Palazzo Reale, immerses visitors in the creative investigation of the work of one of the most creative visions of an entire generation. The exhibition features more than 100 art prints, both unpublished and known, archives and working material, along with video representations; at the center, however, the grand collaboration with Madonna is recounted in a gallery dedicated to the different series and art projects that have seen them work side by side. The work of the Italian-Swiss duo plays with and investigates the popular culture of genders, the feminine and the masculine, transgressing in their work what have been defined as the codes of classical photography. Their point of view is a new perspective, an open view of the evolving society, photography is thus understood as a means to fulfill the need to discover the soul of different personalities. Everything appears possible through their practice, even the unexpected happens and happens in a creative world that knows no limits, a personal truth and the need to be authentic is reflected in the interaction with the subjects of their works. Portraiture is one of the distinctive elements of their artistic approach, uncompromising in the search for the soul of their subjects in a completely poetic vision, without limits or boundaries, transparent, logical and fantastic. Thierry-Maxime Loriot curator of the exhibition and book published by Phaidon, argues that these two works are more of an introspection than a retrospective; it is not only their themes, passions and obsessions that are being told, but also the society and culture in which we live today. 

“We are interested in celebrating human values, not trends…”

– Luigi & Iango

Adut Akech, Paris. Luigi & Iango: Unveiled (2023) published by PHAIDON.
Cover of Luigi & Iango: Unveiled (2023) published by PHAIDON.
Vittoria Ceretti & Hugo Marchand, Paris. Luigi & Iango: Unveiled (2023) published by PHAIDON.
From Luigi & Iango: Unveiled (2023) published by PHAIDON.

“Entering Luigi & Iango’s working and living space is to enter an entirely different world, where everything is possible and unexpected things happen. It’s a world of creativity without limits.”

– Madonna, on Luigi & Iango

The key to their research can be recognized in the detail, which must tell a clear, direct and sincere picture, allowed by the organic and natural flow they allow to emanate to the spontaneity of the moment. “An organized chaos”, according to Luigi & Iango themselves. The first monograph on the celebrated photographic duo is a 306-page book containing more than 200 previously unpublished images, a foreword by Madonna, and an introduction by artist Marina Abramovic. Their extraordinary portfolio of work is then brought together within the first collection of their images, presented as a single body of work explores their varied careers. The entire work developed on the occasion of these new projects tells a dual vision but unique approach, interested in the cult of challenge, explored by strong themes and a great passion in the celebration of human values.


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