Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades


Louis Vuitton celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Objets Nomades line by presenting the fifth edition of the exhibition at Milan Design Week.

Milan Design Week 2022 has been inaugurated, and once again Louis Vuitton is back in the spotlight with the fifth edition of the Objets Nomades exhibition, marking the tenth anniversary of the lifestyle and home line. Since the first collection in 2012, more and more international names have made up the roster of designers involved in the project, invited by the House to imagine furnishing elements that are experimental yet functional. A unique combination of designers’ creativity and Louis Vuitton’s unparalleled savoir-faire. 

Accommodating the new objects is one of Milan’s traditional landmarks, Garage Traversi, an example of rationalist architecture designed by architect Giuseppe De Min, which has been completely renovated after twenty years of inactivity.

Vuitton’s enduring connection with travel is also kept alive in this edition, reinterpreted in the inner meaning, creativity and certainly through Louis Vuitton’s great savoir-faire. Leather is the key element, each piece of furniture is made from production waste, in keeping with the intention to embrace a creative, conscious and circular philosophy and approach. Each Objet Nomade is a harmonious blend of artistic vision and skilful craftsmanship.

Among the novelties presented is the Merengue pouf by the Campana brothers in three colours, together with Aguacade, an ultra-coloured and modular screen; the Petal Chair by Marcel Wanders studio with its organic tree-like structure; the Cosmic Table by Raw Edges with its innovative carbon fibre base and ice-like glass top; the Totem Lumineux by Studio Louis Vuitton, an elegant tower of coloured spheres in Murano glass; the new Belt Stool and Belt Lounge Chair by Atelier Oï in precious leather; the Signature Armchair & Sofa, with its graceful and fluid arches, inspired by terraced fields in China and desert rock formations in the USA, designed by Frank Chou, the latest designer to join the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades project, are also the first specifically designed for outdoor furniture and are upholstered in a brightly coloured “Brio” fabric by Italian brand Paola Lenti.

Staying true to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton pursues each project with audacity and experimentation, combining innovation and style. Over the years, the house has opened its doors to designers, architects and artists of all kinds by developing the most diverse product categories. Each products made by the house is a testament to its commitment to achieving the highest levels of craftsmanship.




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