The new Hermès home collection, ensemble of lightness and elegance. An introspective atmosphere at Milan Design Week 2022.

Hermès goes on stage in Milan for Design Week 2022 with four monumental architectures. They are constructions in the shape of water towers that radiate light, light despite their large proportions, made of wood and covered with translucent paper in different colours. Inside there are objects that speak of tradition and innovation.

The research for lightness is the starting point of the project, like a real challenge to gravity that is embodied in the creation of objects for the home. Plays of light and colour accompany us on our journey to discover the new home textile collections. The objects conceived are clear encounters with matter. At a time when everything seems to be ephemeral, abstract and distant, there is a need to re-establish contact with the real.

For the first time, fabrics are the thread running through the home collection. Five creations made of cashmere, one of the Maison’s favourite materials, constitute this manifesto aimed at lightness. Accompanying the textiles, the collection also features various objects, porcelain and furniture. Each element represents the uniqueness and singularity of the project: a sheet of leather cut and folded with hand-painted decorations becomes a centrepiece; porcelain plates reflect the sunlight; a woven cane seat gives a chair as much delicacy as strength. Our perception changes through the play of light on the creations, in shadow compared to the scenic structures: poetic giants and anchor points for these small miracles of balance. Light again plays a key role, enveloping the setting and evoking details. The vertical lighting within each architecture allows the attentive eyes of the observer to focus on the detail.

The crowning glory of the entire project is the unfailing savoir-faire. It recounts the creative process in its entirety, which includes overcoming one’s limits and reimagining one’s origins. The craftsman’s quest and desire is to create timeless objects that tell a tale of elegance and refinement.




London nonchalance meets Roman freedom in the FW 24 FENDI collection, where utility becomes a statement of intent. Modern, comfortable clothes are inspired by British culture for visual and textile theatrical research.


Roe Ethridge. Happy Birthday Louise Parker


Returned to the city as an important space for cultural dissemination, the exhibition floor unveils to the public for the first time the first part of the program that interweaves – with an international gaze – visual arts, fashion, design and the publishing scene. An unprecedented experience of discovery and fruition takes visitors through the environments in an ascending climax.

Miranda July: New Society


Osservatorio Prada presents the first exhibition dedicated to the work of Miranda July that traces the 30-year career of the American artist, filmmaker and writer through her short films, performances and installations.


Instruction Manual


Yoko Ono: a guide to artistic and social revolution. From the New York avant-garde to Pop Art, Ono has been and continues to be a pioneer of conceptual and participatory art, cinema, and performance since the 1990s. Encompassing more than seven decades, Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind is the largest exhibition in the United Kingdom dedicated to one of the greatest key symbols of the twentieth century.


Saint Laurent Literary Oasis


BABYLONE, a cultural haven in the vibrant heart of Paris. The legacy of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in the Sèvres-Babylone neighborhood transforms into an immersive and serene experience dedicated to the memory of the French duo. Literature, art, and music blend together to allow new creative connections to flourish undisturbed.