Regina tells Gabriel Moses’ stories through intense shades shots and videos: his imagination and thoughts are transformed into deep, evocative, and emotional images.

Gabriel Moses through photography tells stories that animate the viewer’s emotions, leaving room for the sensitivity of the characters depicted. The London-based photographer succeeds in capturing a particular light that characterizes his deep and captivating images, creating an atmosphere that is both pleasant and mysterious. His career began when he was only 18 years old, inspired by the sense of community and identity that still shape his aesthetic: raised in London, where he currently lives, but born in Lagos, Nigeria, he feels very close to his homeland, making it an integral part of his inspirational background and protagonist of his entire projects. 180 Studios presents an exhibition devoted entirely to Moses, showing 50 of his photographs crossing the worlds of fashion, music and sport, including some never-before-seen shots. Regina, the title of the exhibition, has always been a word he calls interesting: it has its own singular meaning, but it can also be someone’s proper name. The exhibition is a salute to the women in his life, his sister, his mother, and his niece, those who have taught the photographer so much and who have always played a key role in his career. Gabriel Moses grew up as a self-taught, never studying the art of photography in school; his work is based mostly on memory, allowing himself to be intrigued by old memories and good times spent with his family, especially his sister, who was studying fashion at the time. The images she used as reference for projects, he observed and  studied them, not knowing that they would also become the basis for his work.


“I want my work to have a sense of timelessness, in that it could just as easily have been shot in 2023 as it could have been shot in a completely different time period.”

– Gabriel Moses


Gabriel Moses’ light makes the colors in the photos bright and intense, which also let one feel a strong sense of intimacy between the characters depicted. The latter are portrayed in motion, capturing their more natural yet sensitive side. People’s gestures and movements fascinate the photographer, who sees in them a real dance: “I see dance in everything”, he says. Basketball, football or any other sport, Moses feels a strong interest in each discipline, always observing and studying it as if it were a dance that reveals emotions, through which he can run into each of us. The exhibition also reveals two new short films by the artist, an extension of the photographs and a celebration of movement. Indeed, the inspiration comes from the Leap of Dance Academy, in Lagos, which leaves a mark on Gabriel’s memory as he becomes interested in the techniques and the way dancers move. The two short films, like the shots, are the result of his instinct: Regina is a reflection of his imagination, of the things he sees when he closes his eyes, of his deepest thoughts. The films feature people in his life, including those dancers in Nigeria who so intrigued him, exploring themes common to the photographer’s work through his culture and family. Gabriel Moses tells the viewer about himself: he shows him his reflections and inspirations, placing him in his sometimes chaotic and confusing, but always evocative and engaging universe.



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