Launched in 2019, Miu Miu Select is a series of events where charismatic and multifaceted personalities are invited to present their selection of clothing and accessories, collaborating to create a new perspective on the brand’s collection.

The new edition of Miu Miu Select took place in London with actress and brand ambassador Emma – Louise Corrin, who presented a special and personalized carefully selected wardrobe from the latest Miu Miu Holiday collection in an informal and intimate atmosphere at the boutique on New Bond Street. The Holiday collection once again fishes from the existing to bring out the new: silhouettes are always a starting point for an idea, whether it is a way of contemplation or an opportunity to reinterpret Miu Miu’s codes through creative and influential personalities-capable of making the brand’s messages resonate. Miu Miu’s methodologies make this settling of multiple languages – from different subjectivities – a hybrid of new creative forms whose aesthetic focus matches its communication. It is precisely the hybridization of different disciplines and arts that gives rise to reflections that would otherwise remain dormant, the outcome of Miuccia Prada’s careful work that draws from everything around her. It is no coincidence that Emma Corrin is Miu Miu’s Ambassador – a witness to all the brand’s values – as she is characterized by a free and rebellious individuality that embraces youthful wisdom and tenacity, and has repeatedly shown herself to be active on identity issues of inclusiveness.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 23: Emma Corrin attends the Miu Miu Select event, featuring a special curated selection of Miu Miu by Emma Corrin, at George Club on November 23, 2023 in London, England. Photo Credit: Dave Benett.

There is no precise point at which fashion intersects with the rest of the world, but when certain conditions are created it happens, and suddenly everything unfolds and acquires new meanings. This is what happens when Emma carves out her own personal vision within an already rich imagery. Elaborating on her selection she adds a new point of view to the collection, enriching it even more with meaning. The end point is works of art capable of crystallizing contemporary phenomena in a multifaceted way. Femininity is such a fundamental part of Miu Miu that every occasion is exploited to bring out new awareness: the strength of tenderness and the wisdom of youth are the core values of the Miu Miu woman. The spectrum of various identities free from gender binarism and the canonical representations it takes in the field are an intrinsic invitation to interpret a style with one’s own sense of self, what after all is the real fun of fashion along with its theatricality, contexts in which the actress has repeatedly declared her interest. During the event, many small details lead to further enhance the uniqueness of the pieces, such as the tags signed by Corrin and hand – sewn during the event, or the packaging specially designed by Miu Miu Select and available for purchase for a limited time directly at the boutique or online.

Courtesy Alex Arauz.
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 23: Emma Corrin attends the Miu Miu Select event, featuring a special curated selection of Miu Miu by Emma Corrin, at George Club on November 23, 2023 in London, England. Photo Credit: Dave Benett.
Courtesy Alex Arauz.
Courtesy Alex Arauz.
Courtesy Alex Arauz.
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