A garden of grass and flowers, a journey through time between the French and the English countryside, which makes us reflect on the importance of the private sphere in Kim Jones’ artistic inspiration.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Maison, the Creative Director Kim Jones chooses to continue the imaginary conversation with its founder, Christian Dior. For the occasion, Jones links elements of the past with the present and the future. In fact, his journey starts from the places of origin, from the port of Granville, where Monsieur Dior was born and grew up, and from Charleston, in English Sussex, which in the 20th century was the meeting place of the great radical artists, including writers and thinkers. The set designed and created for the show also depicts a rural setting, with a real flower meadow and the reconstruction of Christian Dior’s villa together with the British farmhouse, the home studio of the painter Duncan Grant. Admiration for these two great figures who made history characterises Jones’s entire adolescence, a period in which he approaches their artistic work and becomes particularly fascinated by it. From here an ongoing thought evolved through the search for commonalities, for similarities between the two, which is summed up in the défilé presented in Paris.

“I just thought it was interesting to have a conversation between two men that have had a big impact on my life that I’ve never met.”

– Kim Jones

In the bohemian-inspired rural setting, there are elements that blend the elegance of couture with modern, contemporary aspects. In every look there are hints of gardening and the designer’s great passion for travel, exploration and the outdoors in general. The iconic Bar Jacket is presented in semi-transparent silk organza, with exposed construction details that emphasise the expert craftsmanship. The classic tailored suit is reinterpreted with technical elements, from the materials chosen to aprons with metal buckles; overlays that seem to spill out of every silhouette; double shorts with contrasting colour and fabric; and technical sweatshirts with prints and patterns inspired by Grant’s art. Accessories borrowed from the world of outerwear include hats and caps, backpacks and fanny packs, and ankle-high rubber boots with leg-high socks. Clothing close to work uniforms re-proposed in a chic and sophisticated key. The palette is based on timid shades of pink and grey, amidst sweet pastel shades, symbolising a past time that passes slowly, that changes, and that gives different lights. The creative and artistic continuity of the Maison encompasses the entire legacy of its work. Although the search is always directed towards the future, the focus on the roots of one’s existence allows for an authentic and sincere account. Following the perspective of an attentive and visionary host, Jones brings to the stage a conscious revisiting of his own roots.

“There’s a sense of the passage and changing of time, and the light of the seasons, as well as continuity, artistic communities and the heritage of Maison Dior.”

– Kim Jones

Fashion Collab



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On Foot


The exhibition On Foot, curated by Jonathan Anderson at Offer Waterman Gallery, will bring contemporary artists in dialogue with works of modern British Art and some interventions conceived by the designer himself.




Ahead of the 2024 Olympics, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris presents Mode et Sport: from September 20th 2023 will be possible to discover the fascinating interconnections between fashion and sport from the ancient world to the present day.