"Who Art Thou"


The new exhibition “Who Art Thou – Conversations with myself” narrates Coco Capitán between creativity and reflection, the journey goes through black and white photographs and words creating unique works of art.

Coco Capitán is a London-based artist with Spanish origin known for her art and design work across different paths and media. She enjoys painting, thinking, writing, photographing, listening and creating. She studied photography and has always admitted to having a fondness for words, describing it as effective and fundamental means of communication for her works, as denoted by the first works the artist created for Gucci. The white backgrounds are characteristic, contrasting with the black letters written in elementary handwriting that compose words, sentences and thought forms that reach conclusions as obvious as they are poorly expressed in everyday life. Coco Capitán transforms her ideas and reflections into art’s works, reflecting herself directly in them. A simple sentence written in pencil on a cut-out piece of paper becomes as essential as a photograph taken in black and white if the artist believes that they can both express a reflection of what she is and, when she is gone, of what she has been.

Coco Capitán, For If There Is a Goddess They Made Thou.

“The many conversations I hold with myself are reflected on the material. Sometimes a photograph, others a pencil note or a paper crop; they all come together in the column that is my train of thought and I cannot let it go.”

– Coco Capitán

The Yvon Lambert bookshop from January 13th is showing some of Coco Capitán’s projects in the exhibition “Who Art Thou – Conversations with myself”, where the London-based artist presents a series of works ranging from images to sheets full of words and thoughts. During her teenage years she began writing more consciously, but only later she realized that she could turn writing into something visual, making reflections more concise and poetic, to reach people more quickly and directly. The exhibition shows the many conversations the young artist holds with herself and which she considers fundamental for answers, to understand her own person and to become a testimony to it; the main objective is to tell who she is, what she feels, and what she thinks. As Marguerite Yourcenar writes in Memoirs of Hadrian, all thoughts, projects or works and any kind of incident in the course of a day go to create and take their place in the person’s own reflections and conversations. Coco Capitán manages to turn her existential questions into art, showing everyone how one can paint with words.



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Coco Capitán, Warm marbled torso.
Coco Capitán, Daisies in concrete I.
Coco Capitán, For If There Is A Goddess.
Coco Capitán, Daisies II.

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