Mediterranea, Bulgari’s High Jewelry collection is a celebration of its homeland and a tale of precious jewels, born in Rome and immersed in the magic of the city of Venice.

Mediterranea is a tale of precious and timeless jewelry, a collection that shines with its own light, discovering vibrant colors illuminated by a warm and enveloping light. Through its art, culture, traditions and lifestyle, Greece, at the heart of the Mediterranean, has shaped the world, offering the city of Rome the chance to treasure its magnificent heritage. The Maison is directly inspired by the artistic excellence of the surrounding landscape, reflecting the color and beauty of the uncontaminated environments in the unique pieces of the collection. Bulgari presents the line of Fine Jewelry and High-End watches by embracing the enchanted atmosphere of the city of Venice: a romantic and exciting place to describe a story of love and passion. The two cities have always been a bridge between distant worlds, a symbol of an encounter between East and West, resulting in precious gems and shades that illuminate the face. Mediterranea presents its tale through a fashion show under the creative direction of Carine Roitfeld, showing the selected audience in attendance endless elegance dictated by jewelry stones and unparalleled design. The models parade under the loggia of the Palazzo Ducale, an exceptional location that encapsulates the beauty and magic of the Venetian city, highlighting the richness of the High Jewelry line. The crew neck are masterpieces of contemporary art, where gems and diamonds unite in a dense texture and lay delicately on the décolleté, creating a perfect harmony of shapes and colors.

Jill Kortleve at "Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry" event at Palazzo Ducale, Venice.

Bulgari chooses Venice, the extraordinary cultural crossroads of the Mediterranean, to unveil its new collection of High Jewellery and High-end watches, Mediterranea. 

The collection is a true expression of the most talented artisans’ savoir-faire, allowing the start of this sensational journey to discover the art of jewelry making. The snake, the eternal symbol of Bulgari, is renewed for the collection, ushering in a new era: with the Serpenti Baroque necklace it evolves by enhancing its protective power with precious emeralds; at the center of the jewel shine eight irregularly shaped stones in green, a color so luminous that it gives vitality to the necklace. The catwalk where the models twirl is characterized by a real work of art, a mosaic crafted ad hoc for the event by Orsoni1888 and inspired by the nuances of Mediterranean High Jewelry. To further enhance the beauty of the creations, the supermodels, such as Eva Herzigova and Stella Maxwell, wear jewel shoes by René Caovilla, who reinterprets his Cleo sandal for Bulgari. On the occasion of Serpenti’s 75th anniversary, the brand transforms the strap by giving it the shape of a snake that elegantly wraps around the ankle. After the fashion show, Bulgari’s story continues with an exclusive dinner in the Sala dello Scrutinio of the Palazzo Ducale, where Michelin-starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo leads the journey to discover new flavors, and award-winning singer Norah Jones enchants the audience with one of her greatest musical hits. The Italian Maison invites people to discover their origins, celebrating solid roots based on culture, tradition and art with Mediterranea, a precious collection inspired by the name of the sea, its colors and light.

Eva Herzigova at "Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry" event at Palazzo Ducale, Venice.
Zendaya at "Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry" event at Palazzo Ducale, Venice.
"Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry" event at Palazzo Ducale, Venice.
Blésnya Minher at "Bulgari Mediterranea High Jewelry" event at Palazzo Ducale, Venice.


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