Gagosian announces a new exhibition of Urs Fischer in New York, on view from September 9 until October 15, 2022: Denominator. 

Denominator features three new projects: Denominator (2020–22), a large sculpture composed of LED screens; People (2022), an installation based on a room at the National Gallery, London; and CHAOƧ #501, the culmination of the CHAOƧ series of digital sculptures.

Denominator is a 12-foot cube constructed from LED screens that display a sequence of fragments from international television commercials in a shifting composition that spans the history of the medium. Through the use of AI algorithms, the commercials have been deconstructed into individual shots, which are then grouped by theme or color and displayed in layered patterns and choreographed sequences. People is a full-scale re-contextualization of room 43 of the National Gallery, overlaid with a 360-degree projection of heads sourced from online videos. In this installation, the turn-of-the-century museum interior becomes a medium, illuminating occidental culture at the moment of its decoupling from institutional power and transforming it into an individualized form of expression, the projected heads representing thousands of people in the act of sharing their opinions with remote audiences. CHAOƧ #501 is the culmination of a multiyear series of digital sculptures. The inaugural visualization on view in New York is a two-dimensional rendering—displayed on a 14-by-30-foot 8K wall display— in which all one thousand digital objects from the CHAOƧ series move independently of each other through a defined space. Each element in the CHAOƧ series is based on an everyday object that has undergone a metamorphosis from physical to digital existence through a variety of scanning processes. The details and imperfections found in the physical world are intentionally preserved. Together, the objects assembled in CHAOƧ #501 form a subjective encyclopedic composition that tells the story of humanity through the artifacts it leaves behind. We primarily interact with matter that has been altered, cultivated, engineered, or manufactured, and as we fill the planet with new products, the variety of flora, fauna, and funga diminishes.

“Objects are an extension of our bodies, our needs, our desires.“

– Urs Fischer




Outdoor Furniture is the new book published by Art Paper Editions dedicated to Pippa Garner’s photographic practice, which for fifty years has questioned the limits of socially acceptable codes and languages.



Donald Judd’s works will be on display from June to September during Art Basel: defined by Judd’s interest in materials and color, they emphasize the intrinsic qualities of their components and the relationship between part and whole.


A Midsummer Night's Dream


The new Chanel Coco Beach 2024 collection, photographed by Cass Bird, encapsulates the essence of summer with its light, breezy designs.




The new series of paintings by Emily Ludwig Shaffer leverages hard-edge aesthetics and the architectural sense of composition to explore the sensory potential of painting. Through clear lines and solid colors, it offers a reflection on how women occupy both concrete and symbolic spaces.


Anne Imhof On


Wish You Were Gay, the new exhibition dedicated to the work of Anne Imhof at the Kunsthaus Bregenz, explores the sense of non-infinity, reality and artifice, chance and fate, as well as absence and presence.