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Text by Chiara Cappelli

Euphoria stylist Heidi Bivens devotes an entire volume to the unique style of the characters in the TV series, showing the deep meaning behind the art of costume.

Euphoria‘s style is much more than just costumes: it describes each character in detail, telling their own stories and feelings, the relationship with their bodies and how they face the difficulties. The American TV series shows a group of teens in search of their identity as they challenge friendship, sex, drugs and love. Clothes play a key role, helping the characters to find themselves lost in the chaos of adolescence and be recognized by the people around them. Thanks to the great work of Heidi Bivens, tv series’ stylist, the audience gets in touch with each character, knowing in depth their family and problems, and perceiving them as real people: the viewer feels an integral part of the story and analyzes himself to express in the best way through clothing. Euphoria Fashion is the book, published by A24, that Bivens devotes to the style of the TV series, detailing the motivations behind the choices for each of the main characters. Heidi observes people, and when she walks through the busy streets of the city center, she rests on the characters she passes, paying attention to the shoes they wear, the shape of the pants they have chosen, the pattern of their shirts, and the way they fasten their jackets. In choosing Euphoria‘s clothes, the stylist studies the protagonists, family dynamics, and religious orientation, resulting in a unique style for each of them.

euphoria fashion.

“As early as I can remember, I have understood the concept that clothing can be a conduit for communicating one’s personality and tastes.”

– Heidi Bivens

Rue is the main character: she is trying to fight her drug addiction, her anxiety attacks, and her depression problem. She does not take much care of her aesthetics and most of the time she does not seem to be interested in the way she looks: we almost always see her in a pair of black cyclists, a vintage t-shirts, an old oversized sweatshirt to remember her father who is no longer with us, and worn black converse shoes. Her head is a chaos, as her room; Rue quickly fishes clothes off the floor, she doesn’t care how she will be dressed for school, she just feels the need to go unnoticed. Jules, on the other hand, communicates her world through a particular style: colorful pleated mini-skirts, stacked tops, and sky-high Buffalo sneakers; these looks are always paired with eccentric, off-kilter makeup.

rue, euphoria fashion.

Maddy adores her body, exhibits it in low waist pants and provocative dresses that make her feel completely comfortable. She often wears matching sets consisting of mini skirts and crop tops that faithfully echo the 2000s, alternating to sensual cut-out dresses that transfer her strong confidence to the audience. Cassie loves to be loved: she shows off her perfect curves just to please the boys, favoring pastel colors, including pink and light blue, to emphasize her unbridled femininity, and at the same time, to hide the sense of insecurity that accompanies her throughout the series. In contrast, her sister Lexi, very sweet, caring and attentive, identifies herself in bon ton blouses and more classic dresses, presenting her to the audience as the most responsible of the group. Kat transforms herself immediately in the early episodes, showing how her attitude toward her body changes. She abandons innocent clothes used for covering up and masquerading, devoting herself to tight leather pants and skirts, red and black corsets with laces from the bondage world.

jules, euphoria fashion.
Maddy, euphoria fashion.
cassie, euphoria fashion.
lexi, euphoria fashion.
kat, euphoria fashion.

Euphoria’s style is more of a feeling. It’s a mood.

Each character has a very different and unique style that describes their personality and the way they want to appear. Each of them grows up within Euphoria, there are those who find themselves in the first season and those who, in the course of the second, are still busy getting to know their inner person: the style of the characters undergoes strong changes, depending on the person’s behavior, emphasizing the idea that clothing is the best mode of expression. Heidi Bivens portrays a stereotype for each character in the series, allowing the viewer to analyze the problems and difficulties that of each of them, the sensitivity that hides a strong person and, conversely, the courage that masks an emotional person. In addition to identifying, the audience is stimulated to analyze itself and develop their own personal style, taking inspiration from Rue, Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Lexie, Kat and the other characters. Euphoria‘s style is personality, it’s a deep research, it’s a sentiment. 



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