Text by Lucrezia Sgualdino

A technical but at the same time characteristic wardrobe of the Maison’s attention to savoir-faire and craftsmanship. A proposal that is sporty and adaptable, technical and versatile.

Louis Vuitton’s new Ski collection transports us to a snowy imagination, presenting proposals specifically for the mountains but adaptable to all environments and lifestyles. The choice is to give an idea of practicality even to elements that combine the sporty and chic attitude, technical materials blend with different color tones. Shades that are bright but also muted and subdued, more formal-looking looks and functional designs. Sports uniforms, dedicated to the outdoor world offer leather goods, shoes and accessories in addition to ready-to-wear. The Monogram is reworked with innovative graphic motifs, and the same logos highlighted by the shiny finishes of the outerwear. Volumes alternate between soft wrap-around lines and close-fitting knit silhouettes, warm and layered under lightweight ski suits. Technical sportswear instead includes ski pants, shaping leggings, and smooth or ribbed jerseys to be worn skin-tight. Colors also dialogue with the versatility of the wardrobe items: deep red, navy and glacial blue, optical white and black. A classic but also modern color choice that allows for bold plays of hues. A signature detail for the Maison is also the LV Flocon logo, a unique and original design that seems to resemble the lines of a snowflake and the LV Monogram flower itself.

Accessories and leather goods also decide to go deeper into the research of this new winter capsule, the materials used are mainly wool and shearling. There are gloves with ribbed wool and maxi logo, flannel, ribbed or bucket hats, also the scarves are wide and wrapping, with fringes and applied fur details. The selection of bags completes the looks; the lines are soft, both for leather and nylon proposals, right down to the shearling aspect of classic shapes. The iconic Keepall is reinvented both technically and in terms of performance. Monogram canvas is waterproof, LV buckles are made of leather and metal, alone or combined with chains that embellish the accessory. The world of skiing is then totally embraced with goggles and sunglasses, with the goal of optimal protection from light reflection. The snowboard presented has a glacial grey pattern decoration, and the Monogram skis, handmade in the French Alps, are available in three different sizes. The capsule collection dedicated to skiing thus becomes a permanent fixture for Maison Louis Vuitton, which every season decides to tell the story of increasingly advanced equipment for true collectors and sports and fashion enthusiasts. For those who decide to enjoy a joyful and carefree moment away from the hustle and bustle of the cities.


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keepall 55, LOUIS VUITTON.


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