An Effortless Elegance


Loro Piana SS24 looks beyond national borders, bringing its heritage into dialogue with the ancient and noble tradition of Japanese design.

In the midst of Milan Fashion Week, the one presented by Loro Piana is much more than a simple clothing collection, it is a hymn to Japanese art capable of fusing the classic elements of Italian clothing with an essentiality and an underestimated elegance for which Japanese design has always been famous. Japan is a country rich in culture and craftsmanship, where there is a great quest for harmony, love of craftiness, and care for objects, while Loro Piana is perhaps the most emblematic Italian brand of quiet luxury, characterised by a rich history rooted in high-quality textile production.This encounter only gives rise to a sophisticated and full-bodied wardrobe, both culturally and in terms of handmade: the garments express a sense of balance that infects all the silhouettes, made from fine fabrics and clean, elongated cuts. One immediately has the distinct feeling of looking at a celebration of Far Eastern culture in its deepest sense, respecting and sharing its values, timeless style and quest for ever-calibrated harmony. The intense minimalism of Japanese clothing pervades the collection: cashmere or quilted silk coats with stiff collars, collarless knitted jackets tied at the front, kimono-style jackets and wide trousers, printed long dresses. There seems to be a desire to go to the origin of the garment, to the origin of fashion making, to eliminate superstructures and make the value of clothes evident.

“Since its founding, Loro Piana has pursued and continuously re-defined the goal of offering extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship to a demanding international clientele, lending equal attention to the quality of the service we provide.”

Knitwear is proposed as a certainty: jumpers with matching trousers that shrink draw versatile and simple silhouettes, shorts and small capes in sober tones reflect the oriental imagery. The jacquard silk used for the skirts and blouses is a delicate and romantic finish that gives that space between the body and the garment that the Japanese call ma. It is therefore an effortless elegance that directs the entire collection impeccably. Even the accessories, an essential and innovative part of the collection, which range from the new Loom bag, The Ghiera Bag and the Extra Bag, designed to complement the silhouette and enhance the volumes. This season saw the debut of Loro Piana’s first jewellery collection: bracelets and necklaces incorporate textures of metal and leather, guaranteeing a touch of timeless elegance.

To celebrate and renew the invitation to an open dialogue with the city of Milan, Loro Piana has designed showcase spaces that recall – each in a different way – the love of Japan and nature. Like the newsstand in Via dei Giardini, transformed into a small Japanese bakery, decorated with traditional elements of Japanese architecture. All delicate and calm operations that reaffirm the Loro Piana method, that is, the absolute search for consistency in the history of the product and above all a sustainable and reliable idea of fashion.

“From a study on affinity, new style possibilities ensue.”

Japanese Bakery in Via dei Giardini, Milano.


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