Text by Lucrezia Sgualdino

An extraordinary journey through remote destinations is what Loro Piana Fall Winter 23 collection brings to life. A search for distant sensations and flavors, a direct contact with nature and the quality of an exceptional world. 

The wandering spirit is the key to the Loro Piana upcoming Fall Winter season. The collection takes us far away, on a journey that allows us to discover the lands from which the brand’s craftsmanship comes to life. A unique savoir faire that includes innovative materials and sublime choices in terms of shapes and colors. The entire approach of processing and transformation of the fiber gives a not inconsiderable added value to each garment. The contrast of distant elements gives even more sophistication to the collection: flowing, soft and feminine lines are juxtaposed with firm cuts that draw on the male wardrobe, sweet and delicate prints are placed side by side with more structured patterns, and refinement finds the right key to also be called practical. Every detail is a description of an extraordinary life, a special experience, spontaneous and casual.

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023-2024

The journey that Loro Piana decides to give the viewer starts precisely with the choice of colors. Peru is an intense country, characterized by a strong culture, described here with soft but bold colors, and a singular combination of linen, cashmere and CashDenim. Darker shades of brown and gray, then again, hark back to New Zealand, with far more structured garments in fine wools and leathers. This is the turn of Australia, described thanks to jerseys with soft, oversize lines accompanied by tartan patterns: foundations of aspects such as delicacy, lightness and practicality. Shearling, on the other hand, transports us to the desolate and pristine moors of Mongolia, where knits become more substantial and tones return to the harmony of nature and earth. The collection is enveloping and warm, just like the tones and atmospheres evoked. Great craftsmanship is present everywhere, ranging from elegant designs to more practical and durable garments. The style of equestrian-inspired outerwear is unmistakable, while capes and coats are embellished with superlative embroidery, and sporty cabans have well-structured shapes; blousons and kilts, on the contrary, tell a simpler, less formal vision. The casualness of the knitwear echoes all the materials used, with unparalleled and extraordinary weaves and color patterns. We also find the same characteristics in the accessory proposals. The maxi-shaped models, such as the Extra Bag or Extra Case, have a discreet character, while the Tasman Tote has an adventurous spirit. The Extra Pocket and Bale Bag are presented in different colors and sizes, versatile and eclectic. Footwear complements the looks sublimely, there are riding boots, but also ballet and low-heeled shoes, shearling moccasins and Cashfur boots.

Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023-2024
Loro Piana Fall Winter 2023-2024

A wandering spirit that goes even further this season, on a journey to discover the lands of origin of the fibers that have always distinguished Loro Piana’s savoir faire.

Soft silhouettes, simple lines and sartorial precision define the new Loro Piana proposals. The idea behind the collection is precisely to create an immersive experience and journey to discover faraway countries where the noble fibers that have made the brand’s history, such as cashmere, vicuña, leather, merino wool, and lotus plant fibers, come from. Another piece of the extraordinary Italian Maison that focuses on sensation, the creation of sublime and unique garments as elements that give a true sense of excellence and research.




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