Text by Lucrezia Sgualdino



N4XT Experiences is relaunching the Los Angeles Fashion Week 2023 event program through a research effort that resulted in an effective and innovative plan for a globally recognised event.

N4XT and its four co-founders, Ciarra Pardo, Imad Izemrane, Marcus Ticotin and Keith Abell, present the project, which revolves around the goal of deepening and showcasing the dynamic style of the city of Los Angeles; inclusivity is at the center of events, presentations, performances and talks designed to address issues related to the vast world of fashion. It is the heart of Hollywood that hosts the packed calendar of events, more specifically NYA Studios. The careful selection of designers includes emerging names and established faces, each distinctive for a distinctive and unique style. Revolutionary collections, catalyzing strong and sometimes extreme aesthetics, but precisely for this reason rich in deep, and seemingly hidden, meanings. Concepts of beauty, technology, sustainability and inclusion. The challenge to the norms of a traditional fashion vision is made clear and evident through the experimentation of the works presented, the desire is to push creative boundaries through an inclusive combination of interactive and engaging designs. One example is the N4XT Chats series, which returns to offer master classes, discussions, and exchange experiences open to the public, along with this year’s debut concept: Beautylab, an innovative physical installation showcasing the latest advances in technology and sustainability related to the world of beauty, in collaboration with Lancôme. Highlights of the talks include hearing Bethann Hardison in conversation with Maxwell Osborne on Friday, Oct. 19, followed by a panel discussion with Nike on Saturday, Oct. 21, and an in-depth look at the digital reality of Web3 on the final day.

“There is no competing with the other fashion weeks of the world, their legacy – they’ve been doing what they do for a very long time. Los Angeles hasn’t been able to stick for a very long time. The only way for it to create its own lane is to do it differently.”

– Ciarra Pardo

Brilliant avant-garde, vibrant aesthetic rich in cultural references, sustainable and technological creative approach, diversified and forward-looking spirit, dynamic and inspirational history. These are the categories that best describe the selection of designers chosen for the occasion, standing as a testament to a city rich in talent and creation, the fashion industry landscape that highlights N4XT Experiences’ commitment to innovation. The selection of names was curated by Noah Kozlowski, Head of Designer Relations at N4XT, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of creatives and the public itself. Advisry, Bruceglen, Claude Kameni, Demobaza, Gypsy Sport, Imitation Of Christ who will open the program, Kwame Adusei, Luis De Javier, Neon Cowboys, No Sesso will instead present its show at the close of the week, Saintwoods, Sami Miro Vintage, Sergio Hudson, Simkhai, Tadashi Shoji, The Blonds, Theophilio, Tiffany Brown Designs, Tombogo, Vfiles.

Kwame Adusei, photo courtesy by lafw.

“Each brand brings a unique perspective and we are proud to present this preliminary list of designers. They have all been carefully selected to reflect the dynamism of the fashion industry, with important opportunities to introduce new names to center stage and help them grow their businesses globally.”

– Noah Kozlowski

Kwame Adusei, photo courtesy by lafw.
Kwame Adusei, photo courtesy by lafw.
Kwame Adusei, photo courtesy by lafw.

Style, innovation, and culture are the elements the audience must immerse themselves in to best celebrate LAFW. What the project aims to be is more than just a fashion event, but a real movement, an open reflection on statements and testimonies of an ever-changing modern world. The city of Los Angeles, cradle of subversive cultures and unique creativity becomes the perfect stage to point young designers and fashion insiders to what will be the pivotal elements for the evolution of the future of global fashion.


From October 18th to 22nd, it will be possible to attend and participate in the rich gallery of events of LA Fashion Week, thanks to the selection curated directly by the visionary team of N4XT Experiences. 

“The rule is that there is no rule, this is what we want to be known for.”

– Imad Izemrane



The new Louis Vuitton Cruise 25 combines neutral looks and sartorial outfits with bold accessories like gaucho hats and cycling sunglasses. Within the walls of Park Güell, Spanish inspirations infuse the runway with theatrical touches that amplify the silhouettes.



Nicolas Ghesquière will present his Cruise 2025 Show live from Barcelona on Thursday, May 23rd at 8pm CEST.


Letter to the Future


Elements such as deconstruction, asymmetry, and androgyny testify to the extraordinary influence of Yohji Yamamoto in contemporary fashion. The new exhibition at 10 Corso Como presents a journey of correspondences between the designer’s reflections on the sense of the future and a selection of archival garments aimed at overcoming the chronological dimension.




In the latest Gucci Cruise 25 collection, craftsmanship and fashion become instruments of unity. Delicate pearl necklaces complement the creepers worn in the nightclubs of Soho and King’s Cross, transcending culture and shaping a new human vocabulary.




The new Armani Mare collection brings the summer line to some of the world’s most renowned beach destinations; an immersive experience in summer atmospheres through turquoise colors and linen fabrics by Giorgio Armani.