Language of freedom


Text by Chiara Belardi

The exhibition at Galerie Dior tributes and traces collaborations with all the figures who symbolize the Maison’s commitment to a feminine and plural vision. The power of sisterhood dear to Maria Grazia Chiuri creates an odyssey in the exhibition that underscores the Maison’s inventiveness.

A place of art and memory, La Galerie Dior is located in the heart of Paris at 30 Avenue Montaigne. Highlighting Women’s Art traces the extraordinary journey from Christian Dior to Maria Grazia Chiuri through archival pieces that capture the essence of the Maison’s style. The Gallery embodies both the spirit of Parisian haute couture and the aura of full awareness of the perpetual contemporary approach. La Galerie Dior hosts an unprecedented exhibition featuring  the Maison’s collaborations with all the female artists it has encountered over the years. This new scenographic narrative highlights the founding links between the brand and creations in all its forms, for even before sketching his designs, Monsieur Dior had an unconditional passion for art, music, literature and painting. And so, this thread made of sincere friendships and fascinating conversations is brought to the stage as an intellectual exchange rich in references and values, inherent even today in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s practice.

The exhibition investigates Parisian haute couture while continuing to pass on the memory of this place rich in history, where today dresses, original sketches, archival documents, accessories and exceptional creations, many of which can be admired for the first time in the world, are on display.

These sacred connections are now celebrated at Galerie Dior through the singular universes of several emblematic female personalities, most of them investigated during the years of the creative director still present. Works by Lillian Bassman, Elina Chauvet, Judy Chicago, Maya Goded, Constance Guisset, Katerina Jebb, Eva Jospin, Brigitte Lacombe, Claude Lalanne, Sarah Moon, Brigitte Niedermair, Shourouk Rhaiem, Niki de Saint Phalle, and Yuriko Takagi follow one another room after room, offering a poetic journey that provides an exceptional reading of the Maison’s history, and at the same time, of feminist art. The reinterpretations of Lady Dior signed by the creators of the eight editions of Dior Lady Art are unveiled in the Chambre aux merveilles, as in a revisited cabinet of curiosities. Since she made her debut on Lady Diana’s arm, the bag become a true legend.

Each year, the Lady Dior becomes a blank canvas that is transformed into an extraordinary work of art by combining the brand’s heritage and a modern, contemporary vision.

Its infinite elegance encapsulates the very essence of the brand’s style, continuing to shine season after season between modernity and excellence. Dior through its artistic designs meets all the cultures of the world, from Egypt to the United States, from Qatar to China. Every detail is often a tribute to the uniqueness of craftsmanship and at the same time the modern reinterpretation of ancient elements. This fascinating journey among creations of the highest value and objects that have survived from the past, traces the deep commitment and will to build something lasting and real do Dior. Especially on the part of Chiuri, who is committed to a true female story, always hooked in the hidden meanings between art and fashion and between dress and body. Highlighting Women’s Art is an opportunity to retrace the inventiveness of a Maison made of multiple universes.

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Creative freedom


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