The Peekaboo was born to become an icon: a symbol of the Maison, the bag maintains its classic and contemporary character unchanged, renewing itself every year through refined workmanship and precious materials. 

Since 2008, the Peekaboo has become the symbol of the union between skilled Roman craftsmanship and Fendi’s incredible feminine sense: the iconic bag was born to become the brand’s it-bag, to establish itself over the years while remaining recognizable and modern. Its clean, minimal lines and curved, geometric shape give it a strong contemporary feel and allow it to go beyond the fashion world, approaching even the artistic universe such as design and architecture. The original opening makes the bag unique: the fine leather of the open pocket creates a kind of drape that allows a glimpse of the interior fabric, revealing the quality of the materials and the great craftsmanship. Just as Fendi’s clothes swing following the body’s shape with a light and sinuous movement, Silvia Venturini Fendi wants to create the same concept in the bag; the delicate leather selected, inside and out, allows the wearer to engage in a true sensory experience, developing a sense of inner peace and personal satisfaction. The Peekaboo first appeared on the runways of the Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show in neutral shades to complement the collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The artistic potential of its multidimensional facade has given rise to a myriad variations of surface and size, with a focus on the interior walls that, as the closure is rotated, reveal themselves to the outside world. The bag asserts itself season after season, transforming along with the passage of time, but always remaining true to its form and lines that give it a contemporary and innovative character.


“There was an invasion of bag on the catwalk, so I really wanted to create a bag that only a real leather good maker like Fendi could possibly make.”

– Silvia Venturini Fendi

With its fun name inspired by the world of children and in particular the game “peek-a-boo” the Peekaboo is a constant search for opposites, where elegant minimalism meets contrasting textures and precious colors, where the intimacy of the bag seems to be challenged by the pocket that reveals the interior. Her nature derives from a need to create at the same time an accessory for the Fendi woman and a design object, recalling not only the tradition of craftsmanship but also the Italian avant-garde art movements of the 20th century. The balanced combination of rigorous construction and soft draping, allows the Peekaboo also makes its place alongside collectibles to be handed down from generation to generation. The iconic bag suits any type of woman thanks to an innate classicism combined with the extra twist that makes it contemporary and wearable at any age and on any occasion: its inherent functionality can become a metaphor for the wearer’s emotions and moods. The bag consists of two compartments, one that is kept closed, while the other is open; being able to reveal the inside to the rest of the world makes the woman an emancipated, strong and self-confident figure who is not afraid to show her secrets. Precious and seductive, like the wearer: the Peekaboo embodies the image of Fendi’s innovative and timeless spirit, representing as many different personalities as there are people wearing it, demonstrating the extraordinary versatility and eternal appeal of this unique piece.


Throughout the years, the Fendi icon has been worn by many well-known personalities, pairing it with casual and some more formal looks. In 2015, after being included in the men’s wardrobe with the Fall/Winter collection, it becomes also one of the most used accessories by athletes, actors, and musicians, highlighting the Peekaboo‘s bolder and stronger shapes. The bag’s architectural lines have been personified over the years by a series of known faces who have embodied this Fendi icon in global campaigns to celebrate its proud singularity. In 2022, celebrated Italian director Luca Guadagnino portrayed British model Adowa Aboah in a short film in which she twirls gracefully over the rooftops and piazzas of Rome: like a modern irony, the girl and her Peekaboo make it all the way to the steps of the Maison’s headquarters, where the profound strength of the woman and the bag’s secrets combine to a magical effect. For the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, on the other hand, the new face is that of super top model Naomi Campbell, starring in images taken by photographer David Sims. This year, the brand celebrates the Fendi symbol through a video that recounts its savoir faire and craftsmanship, focusing on the new Interlace workmanship, which can be seen on the catwalk of the last fashion show: a legendary representation of bold feminine energy, the Peekaboo, with its thousand personalities, perfectly symbolizes the independence, ambition and strength of character of the contemporary woman.



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FENDI, Peekaboo Interlace ft. Bryan Boy.
FENDI, Peekaboo Interlace ft. Bryan Boy.
FENDI, Peekaboo Interlace ft. Bryan Boy.




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